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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Wristband Bracelet Heart Rate Fitness Tracker

  • $53.98

What stands out about the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Wristband, is that it's one of the best fitness trackers at a it's competitive price point. 

The Mi Band 2 features an OLED display screen with touch button control and US ADI sensors allowing it to detect movement and sleep quality as well as monitor your heart rate. It's also waterproof.

Now you can monitor your activity levels, track walking distances and calculate the amount of calories you've burned. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will help you reach your daily exercise targets moving you towards a healthier lifestyle! 


All data that it collects is then synced with the app to analyze your fitness and sleep activities. 




✓  Bright screen

✓  Lightweight and comfortable

✓  Heart rate monitor

✓  Android and iOS support

✓  Long battery life



Battery capacity: 70mAh

Standby time: 20 days

Batteries Type: Lithium polymer

Input Current: 45 mA (TYP) 65 mA (MAX)

Weight: 7.0 g

Material: Thermoplastic elastomers, aluminum

Waterproof level: IP67

Total length: 235 mm

Adjustable Length: 155-210 mm