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PROCIRCLE Yoga Stretch Strap with Multiple Grip Loops (1.6" width)

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We can all use a little help to go deeper into postures and stretches. That's where the PROCIRCLE Yoga Stretch Strap with multiple grip loops comes in ultra handy.

Not only will it improve your range of motion, but it will also alleviate muscle tightness and improve posture too.The individual numbered loops will help you measure your progress in stretching. Unlike buckle type straps, you don't have to stop and adjust the yoga strap for different stretches.


* EXTRA WIDTH LOOPS AND GREAT FLEXIBLE  - The extra width of 1.6 inches is comfortable and wide enough to slip your feet into without being too tight. Its length of 76 inches and 10 independent stretching loops allows for measuring progressive flexibility and also means it can target most muscles.

* FIT FOR BEGINNERS  - The PROCIRCLE® Stretch Strap helps you attain greater mobility and flexibility. It is a great way to start stretching if you never have done so before.

* STRONG AND DURABLE  - Made with a premium grade cotton strap, you can go on using this for years without any fraying or breaking. 

* LIFETIME WARRANTY  - We fully stand behind this product, if you are not 100% satisfied then contact us for a no-hassle exchange.

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